Conflict Free

It is our policy to only purchase diamonds from reputable, reliable, well established diamond suppliers, who can guarantee that their diamonds are conflict free and adhere to all of the conditions set in place by the Kimberly Process, a United Nations Declaration signed by 49 diamond producing countries to stop the mining and sale of conflict diamonds.

We ensure that we never sell or deal with any supplier who deals in or sells conflict diamonds. We take this issue very seriously and only work with suppliers who can confirm that their diamonds are conflict free.

So what is the Kimberly Process?

The Kimberley Process started when Southern African diamond-producing states met in Kimberley, South Africa, in May 2000, to discuss ways to stop the trade in ‘conflict diamonds' and ensure that diamond purchases were not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.

In December 2000, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a landmark resolution supporting the creation of an international certification scheme for rough diamonds. By November 2002, negotiations between governments, the international diamond industry and civil society organisations resulted in the creation of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) . The KPCS document sets out the requirements for controlling rough diamond production and trade. The KPCS entered into force in 2003, when participating countries started to implement its rules.

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