Before You Purchase...

Have your eye on one of our Diamonds? Let us double check all the details and secure it for you. Email - with the Diamond details.

If we find any issues with the Diamond chosen you have the option to choose something else or we can make some suggestions.

We always recommend checking before purchase to avoid any disappointment. When your Diamond has been confirmed we will create a special link for you to check out online for secure checkout.

* Please note all diamonds will be confirmed 24 - 78 hours after purchase unless a custom order is placed.

I Heart Diamonds will email you with a copy of the diamond certificate for your approval before going ahead with the order.

Special priced items are not available for further discount, refund, return or exchange

I Heart Diamonds reserves the right to check on prices after all orders are placed to ensure no errors were made in listing or unforeseen supplier price changes.

By placing your order you agree to these terms and conditions.

Everyone Should Have Jewellery Insurance

Click on the link below to get a quote from our trusted insurer and the industry professionals.

We care about your item of Jewellery as much as you do and that's why we recommend insuring with Qreport. From everything to theft, damage and even loss while travelling or shipping - they have you covered.



 Securing Insurance on top of our 7 year warranty means you're covered no matter what happens.

* Our warranty unfortunately will not cover center stones coming loose in the event of a knock or broken claw - this is accidental damage covered by insurance.

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