What Is My Ring Size?

What Is My Ring Size?

If you've clicked on this link you're wondering what your ring size is and how to measure it properly.

As the picture on this link indicates we don't recommend measuring with a piece of string... its almost always off by at least a size and usually results in a ring that is either too big or too small. 

We are now sending out ring sizers to all our clients who place orders with us and are in need of double checking their ring size.

Depending on the type of ring and how you like to wear it will depend on what the best size for you is.

For wider rings that are approx 8mm or more in width we always recommend going a half size to a size bigger as these rings tend to sit snug due to their size and often weight. 

The same rule applies for a set of rings that sit together either two rings that are slightly wider or a set of three rings together.

It is important to remember that top heavy rings... eg rings that have thin bands and large center stones tend to swing. These rings can easily slip off if the ring size is too big. Ensure when measuring for your ring that the band goes on easily over the knuckle but sits snug on the bottom of the finger.

When looking at Eternity Rings it is very important to make sure you have got your ring size spot on as most of them cannot be resized. The wide ring rule usually applies however they need to be well fitted to ensure they don't constantly move on the finger. 

We've included the below size chart as a guide. Please let us know if you are at all unsure or need help checking your ring size. 


- Gabrielle 

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