How Strong Are Diamonds?

How Strong Are Diamonds?

I get asked this question quite a bit and thought that perhaps some explanation is required. 

Diamonds are one of the hardest things around however the setting (usually in gold isn't) It doesn't take much to knock a ring around and because of those knocks Diamonds can easily come loose. 

The advice I give my clients is to try and take your ring off when doing anything that might give it a knock. Things like:

- Doing Dishes 

- House Work 

- Gardening 

Some settings are more secure than others and its a good idea to ask your Jeweller about the best setting for you if you know you work in an environment that will incur heavy wear and tear. 

If you really love the delicate settings or the pave settings just remember to really look after them as they are the settings that are most likely to get the most damage if hit hard enough.

The other thing to keep in mind is if your setting catches on clothes or if the setting is too high making it swing. These are all factors that can contribute to claws being pulled or hit. The Marquise, Princess and Pear usually do most of the catching because of their sharp edges. Most Jewellers will recommend a setting that protects those edges in the best way to show off the stone and ensure it is safe.

I don't usually steer clients clear of settings however there is one that consistently gives the wearer trouble no matter how careful they are. The dreaded Tension Set. Pictured below you can see why this setting is particularly susceptible to problems. The last thing any Jeweller wants to hear is that a couple has lost a centre Diamond. There are ways of setting an illusion Tension that keeps the Diamond safe and still gives the desired effect. Check with your Jeweller on ways to have a Tension without the risk of loosing your stone.

Now I mentioned earlier that Diamonds are one of the hardest materials on Earth but remember that Diamonds have inclusions. The more included the Diamond, the weaker the Diamond compared to less included Diamonds. Let me explain this a bit further. Diamonds are not indestructible and when it comes time to set them, a Master Jeweller will need to call upon their many years experience to get the job done. This is especially true with the more included Diamonds. Looking at the image below you can see why.

Setters need to apply pressure to set a Diamond and when too much pressure is applied in the wrong place a Diamond can crack or chip. The I1 Diamond below has some inclusions around the edges which means the setter will not only spend time working out the best place to put the claws to best cover the inclusions and bring out the best in the Diamond but also the best way to set the stone. 

Looking after your ring ensures it lasts for years. I always take my rings off when I go to sleep and sometimes leave them in a cleaning bath over night just to keep them looking their best. 

If you're wondering what setting will work best for you or how best to look after your Ring shoot me an email or give me a call to discuss. Myself and my team are only too happy to help and give advice on any questions you might have.

- Gabrielle 

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