Buying Diamonds Online...Is It Safe?

Everyone who has ever looked at buying something expensive online has asked the same question...Is it safe to buy online?

It used to be a huge concern buying online especially from overseas and for some things it still is. We understand that buying something like an Engagement Ring might be difficult to do online, but that doesn't stop people from doing it.

Buying Diamond Jewellery and Engagement Rings in particular online has increased dramatically in recent years and has become preferable to some compared with retail shops as long as its from a reputable Jeweller.

I've heard so many complaints from my clients regarding stores and big box Jewellers. Their sales people have one sell you the item. They very rarely sit down with you and give you advice on a design or a diamond based on their "years or experience." The truth is they have sales training not diamond, gemology and design training. Lets face it they have KPI's and that's their main concern...not if the setting you're looking at will work with a princess cut or if the setting will be too high and swing on the finger and knock on everything. 

But of course they are a physical shop right? They aren't going anywhere. People tend to feel safer walking into a shop and knowing they can look at the item within four walls. I'm not about to tell you you shouldn't. Besides the house and car usually the Engagement Ring is the next biggest purchase. You should feel comfortable in any setting making a decision that big. 

A few things I've learnt over the years when it come to buying online specifically something as big as this:

- Does the shop have an online presence? If they have live images of their creations on customers who have posted and tagged them, they are definitely legit.

- Do they offer any sort of guarantee? With something like this you like to know that if you need help, help is available. 

- Are they affiliated with major partners? If they offer finance and have options to pay like paypal then they've been checked out. Those company's only partner with credible businesses to cover themselves so they don't lose money. 

- Lastly and probably the most important...Can you talk to them? If you cant pick up the phone and call them or speak to someone directly, forget it. Don't hand money over to anyone who only communicates via email.

Speaking as a Jeweller and a business owner, its not easy to get all the accreditation necessary to be able to sell something as expensive as Jewellery online. There are a lot of hoops that we need to jump through. Getting registered, getting a website, accounts and memberships are almost impossible to get unless your business is legitimate and you have references.

Our reputations are everything and almost always our clients come recommended from someone that has bought with us before. We absolutely pride ourselves on our professionalism and constant endeavor to make sure each and every one of our clients are happy.

At I Heart Diamonds we don't have ready made rings ready to go out. The reason is we make each ring to our clients specifications and ring size. We never just resize something we happen to have. This also allows our clients to tweak the design to make something unique just for them.

We want you to come back and let us create your wedding rings, we want to see the pictures from your big day if you're comfortable sending them and we want to ensure you have something you love. 

If you are unsure about buying from us online or have any questions please give us a call - 02 9030 0329 we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. If you live in Sydney we are happy to set up an appointment to come out and see you.

- Gabrielle